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    The number of animals we can care for is limited by the size of the physical space. Therefore, there is always need for a foster home for a pet. Fostering a pet until it can be adopted is a wonderful way to help the pet and allow the pet to bestow upon you the love only a pet can provide. Being a foster family is a huge responsibility. It entails all the care of adopting a pet all the while knowing that the pet will one day be out of your care. Two things you need to consider are (1) do you have the time and finances to provide a temporary home and (2) can you emotionally handle the inevitable future separation? Of course, should you bring a pet into your home and then decide to adopt it yourself, you can complete the adoption application. In considering whether to foster a pet, please realize that the foster period can be lengthy. Not every animal will be adopted right away. In fact, it will likely take months for a pet to find its permanent home. We have some pets that have been with us for years. All that being said, showing love and care to a homeless animal via fostering is a rewarding experience. 

    To talk with us about becoming a foster family, call us at (618) 392-2699 or e-mail


    Please don't purchase or breed while there are homeless pets.


    Volunteering your time or skills is a great way to help provide for the animals in the care of the Humane Society of Olney. The amount of time you contribute can be as little as a few hours, one day a week, one day a month, a one time project, or an ongoing relationship with the animals.

     The amount of time required to care for the animals and their habitat is never ending. You can volunteer to bathe the animals, clean their kennels, do the laundry, walk them within the grounds, engage in active play, spring cleanup of the grounds and the community park, lawn mowing, helping with special events and fundraisers, or any other activity where we have a need and you have the desire.

     Sometimes we have need for special project workers such as outdoor kennel maintenance or other task. Sometimes we need volunteers to train certain animals to modify unwanted behaviors, to teach young animals proper behavior, to socialize the animals or teach new pet owners the responsibilities and care of their new pet.

     Call us at (618) 392-2699 or e-mail


    Please don't purchase or breed while there are homeless pets.